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Aeras Acne Facials

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Aeras Acne Facials

1Aeras Deep Cleansing Acne Facial

For mild to moderate comedonal, papular, and pustular acne.

This doctor-designed medi-facial helps to cleanse deeply and exfoliate to reduce clogged pores, oil production and redness.

Specially formulated ingredients are used to clean the skin and unclog pores before precise extractions to minimise injuries to the skin. The facial treatment also incorporates medical grade Aeras Healite II LED therapy or Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (depending on your condition), to help reduce acne and bacteria.

Redness and inflammation from acne is reduced with cold cryotherapy to soothe the skin, combined with infusing pharmaceutically compounded serums to hydrate and calm the skin.

Depending on your condition, the frequency of the facial will be tailored and sometimes combined with our other procedures.

2Aeras Ultra-Healing Acne Facial

For moderate to severe papular, pustular, and cystic-nodular acne.

This unique facial blends in both medical LED therapy and clinical ingredients to target more severe inflammative acne. From our Aeras blend honey-oat purifying mask to Skinceuticals calming Phytocorrective masque, the ingredients are carefully selected to help reduce moderate to severe inflammation and redness.
With proven clinical studies showing significant reduction in p.acne bacteria from the Aeras Healite II treatment, this procedure is incorporated into the facial to further reduce inflammation.

Bisabolol, a clinical ingredient which is also used in our Deep Cleansing Acne Facial, is a main star in this facial procedure as it tames inflammation, moisturises deeply, and stimulates healing. At the same time, it also reduces existing acne marks.

Depending on your condition, the frequency of the facial will be tailored and sometimes combined with our other acne combating procedures.

Lasers that complement our Aeras Acne Facials

Eliminating acne will involve using our laser machines to target P-acne bacteria which causes pimples. Several forms of laser treatment can be utilised for the elimination of P-acne; this includes the Q-Switched Laser, Accelera Acne Laser, Carbon Laser Peel, and Pro Yellow Laser.

Q-Switched Laser

  • Used to kill P-acne bacteria
  • Shrinks oil glands and helps with oil control
  • Lightens dark acne marks

Accelera Acne Laser

  • Utilises two wavelengths of laser to effectively kill P-acne bacteria
  • Reduces and eliminate facial hair which results in less clogged pores and clearer skin
  • Reduces redness caused by inflammation by coagulating superficial blood vessels

Carbon Laser Peel

  • Reduces the inflammation of acne and also exfoliate the skin
  • Kills P-acne bacteria that cause acne
  • Carbon powder penetrates into pores and delivers laser energy to clear acne
  • Reduces pore size and removes black and whiteheads

Pro Yellow Laser

  • Utilises yellow light to destroy the P-Acne bacteria
  • Shrinks the sebaceous glands
  • Reduces the production of oil and sebum