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About us

The setup of Aeras Acne Solutions was overseen by doctors, who have treated and seen various cases of acne. Every treatment in the clinic, every bottle of skincare on our shelves have been tried and tested by our team of doctors to ensure the safety, efficacy and suitability for the treatment of acne and acne scarring.

Being a sufferer of acne herself back in her teenage days, our resident doctor, Dr. Ong Xiangning, understands just how much it can impact your life in more ways than one. We’ve been there, and we know how hard it is. Let us hold your hand through this journey and show the world that you can be better.

Aeras also aims to educate the public on the different kinds of acne one might have, and the option one has to more effectively manage and put a stop to this condition. With four doctors behind this team, you can be rest assured that Aeras will do their best on this journey to being acne-free with you. 

Our Ethos

We ask for a detailed history about your acne - when did it all start, does it fluctuate, have you taken any medication or sought treatment before - so that we can understand you, the condition, and how to treat your acne better.

We explain to you how acne comes about (why and how it happens), what you can do to prevent it and your options for treating active acne or the aftermath, - basically helping you understand your acne, so that we can wage a better war against it.

Then comes the treatment plan. We devise a concise treatment plan for you based on our understanding. This might require some patience, as not all acne can be cured quickly, but you'll find the payoff at the end of the battle with acne.

Keep your skin happy! Our array of services aren't just suitable for treating acne, but can be done regularly to ensure that your skin stays in the best shape during the best years of your life! We're also really good at making your skin glow ; )